Volunteer Assemble 2

22nd April 2018, SPAR Volunteer Assemble – Volunteers from across the city, scaling from Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Gulshan Iqbal, Landhi, Lyari, Clifton and Defence, have assured to begin gathering together animal-loving members of their mohallahs starting from this month. – Once each mohalla has gathered a strong enough team in the next few weeks, SPAR will be directly meeting the volunteers in their corresponding neighborhoods to begin the in-depth guiding and training in reference to the SPAR manuals provided by us. – SPAR was also welcomed by teachers residing and working in Lyari to conduct educational workshops in their schools, the start of many more such workshops to be done in all neighborhoods all over the city. – In one day we managed to lock down 8-10 neighborhood blocks from 5 various district towns of Karachi (marked in the map), which is an admirable start. We still have more than a dozen district blocks to activate in terms of community engagement.